Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get to the top as a copywriter:

1. Working as a Junior Copywriter

Besides giving us a chance to evaluate your English and writing skills, it will give you the opportunity to prove that you are reliable, hardworking and you meet deadlines. How long you remain working on this position is entirely up to you and to your team manager. It can be one month or six, depending on your skills and dedication, but never more than 500 articles. You’ll get paid promptly $.33/100 words.

2. Working as a Copywriter

Besides increasing your earnings with 50 %, this position will let you discover the insights of freelance writing and will give you the chance to confirm that promoting you was not a mistake. Besides, the next promotion could be waiting just around the corner – it is only up to you to prove what you are capable of. You’ll get paid promptly $.50/100 words.

3. Working as a Senior Copywriter

It is the last stage of your writing career, the one that will give you access to better paid and more challenging projects. You get to write valuable materials like sales copies and eBooks, and you are rewarded accordingly. You’ll get paid promptly $.50/100 words + bonuses that are project-related.


If you ever get tired of writing and you wish to diversify your activity, there is another path you can follow: editing. It also covers three steps, described below:

A. Working as a Junior Editor

This chance is usually given to you by your team manager, the minute you become a copywriter, if you prove you follow the rules and you pay attention to details. It will mostly involve editing articles written by other members of your team, and, after editing 500 articles at most, you can move on to the next stage of your editing career. You’ll get paid promptly $.10/100 words.

B. Working as an Editor

Your earnings will be increased with 50 %, but, what is more important, this stage of your career will prepare you for the top position, that of a Senior Editor, in which you can create and run your own team of writers. You’ll get paid promptly $.15/100 words.

C. Working as a Senior Editor

At this point, you have already proven your reliability and commitment, and it is our turn to prove that you made the right decision when you chose to work with us. We will help you create and manage your own team of copywriters and manage your own projects; you will be the one deciding on how many writers you work with, for how many hours and how much money you make.

At this point, you can consider yourself a Partner and one of the leading members of our team.

As you can see, there are quite a few opportunities waiting for you, and the decision is entirely in your hands. At, careers are only built with skills, hard work and dedication.

Show us what you can do, and we’ll make sure you never regret it! With us, you can build the successful career you have been dreaming of!