Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the articles be published?

As mentioned on our homepage, we provide professional content for various websites. Therefore, the articles will be published on web pages relevant to their topic.

Will my name be published next to the articles?

As soon as we accept and pay your articles, they become our property. Therefore, your name will not be associated with them.

Who chooses the subject of the articles?

Just like in the case of the test articles you have to write in order to become part of our team, we will provide a series of keywords or general topics for each project. You are free to write on any subject related to the keywords we provide.

What are the topics of the articles?

The topics we cover are varied, from sports, health, natural treatments and product reviews, to economy and IT.

What is the policy about repeating information?

It may be difficult to write several articles on the same topic, but it is important not to repeat the information from one article to another. In order to succeed, you should research the subject thoroughly and plan the content of your articles ahead.

How many articles do I have to write per day?

You don’t have to write a certain number of articles a day, but it is very important that you complete the projects within the deadlines we set (which are usually quite generous).

What if something comes up and I cannot write anymore?

It is your decision if you keep writing for us or not, or if you work 1 or 8 hours a day. The more you write, the easier it gets and the sooner you can be promoted.

How do I know your offer is legit?

You do not know for sure, unless you give it a try.

If it matters, we will never ask you to invest money, to send spam emails, to involve your friends or relatives in any obscure activities, or to provide personal information like bank account numbers, passwords, etc. You write, we pay immediately! Therefore, we believe this is a very straightforward proposition. It’s up to you to consider it or not.

To make it very clear, if you think that we’ve put so much effort into this site in order to create an elaborate hoax, then we’re probably not a good match anyway.

Will I sign a contract?


Our relationship is based on mutual trust. We pay the articles you send immediately. For the beginning, until you see for yourself that we live up to our end of the deal, we recommend that you submit 1-2 articles. Later on, you can send sets of 3-4 or as many articles a day as you can write. We’ll be paying immediately whatever articles you’d send.

We also expect that you, as a contractor, conform with your country’s tax regulation code. We are not able to give you any advice regarding tax and incorporation issues.

How do I get paid?

Our payments are made exclusively through PayPal, the safest and fastest online payment system.

What do I have to do in order to receive the payments?

You just have to create a PayPal account. The whole process takes a few minutes, and it is as simple as creating an email account.

Do I have to pay any fees?

For the payments we send to you, we cover all fees, so you will receive the exact value of the articles you submitted.

However, when withdrawing the money to your bank account, you will be charged a currency conversion fee that’s country specific, but usually about 2%. Please observe the fee schedule on PayPal‘s official site.

Is PayPal safe?

From our experience, and we have been using it for years, both with our team members and with our customers, it is the safest online payment system. It is, of course, only up to you to choose a hard to guess password for your email and your PayPal account, to make sure that no one else has access to them and to be careful how you use your credit card.