Let’s Share Success and Money Too, Not Just Work!

When we said we want you on our team and that you can build a prosperous career with us, we meant every word! We are actually offering you the chance to become a partner at FreelanceWriters.me, with all the benefits and responsibilities this position involves.

What Does Becoming Our Partner Mean?

  • We help you create your own team of copywriters/editors and manage your own projects;
  • We split the winnings fairly and you get to decide who is on your team and who isn’t, who deserves to be promoted sooner and who doesn’t, etc;
  • You decide how many projects and how many copywriters/editors you manage, whether you work for two hours per day, or for as long as you’d like;
  • There are no limits as to how much money you make – it all depends on the number and volume of projects you manage, and on the number and efficiency of the copywriters in your team;
  • Whenever you have questions or problems, we’ll be here to back you up and help you find the answers you need.

What Will Your Responsibilities as a Partner Be?

  • You choose your copywriters based on the test articles we provide;
  • We send you the writing projects, with the corresponding instructions and deadlines;
  • You plan and distribute those projects to your copywriters depending on their writing capacity, setting your own deadlines, in order to make sure all the projects are completed on time;
  • You receive the articles from your copywriters, edit them to make sure they meet the requirements and they are well written, and you forward them to us;
  • You keep timely records of your projects and your copywriters’ progress, and you send us the payments lists with your copywriters’ work for the day.

How Can You Become a Partner?

Before we can trust you with all the details of our projects and leave them in your hands, we need to know you are reliable, able to meet deadlines, and work under stress. We know from experience that the best way to make sure you have what it takes to succeed is to put you through the same recruitment process we impose for our copywriters.

It is the best way for you to learn everything there is to know about the services we provide, to see this work from the perspective of the copywriter, and to prove that you deserve the chance to become our partner.

For more details on the path you need to follow before you can become a partner, please visit our Careers section. Remember that the 500 articles set as a limit for each promotion are the superior limit. If you are good enough, you could be promoted after 50 or 100 articles. It is entirely up to you and the way you live up to the challenge.

In you have any questions regarding this career path, please Contact us.