We went ahead and asked our copywriters a few questions about our company.

  • How did you find FreelanceWriters.me?
  • What is your experience after working with us for a few months?
  • What do you think about the payment?
  • What do you do with the payment? What needs does it cover?
  • Why are you still working with us, and not with another content provider?
  • If you’d have to describe our relationship with one word, what would it be?

Please find below a few unedited answers from each country we’re actively hiring.

Mihaela O. in Urziceni, Romania

I found the advert of FreelanceWriters.me accidentally. I had been writing for another company in the same field, for about 6 months, but for a much lower salary and always about small gift shops no one had heard about.

I had to write at least 4 articles a day, no matter what day it was, if I was sick or tired, etc. I was also supposed to include photos, websites links, to install a different browser and write in a specific program.

When I saw the advert, I thought it was worth a try. It couldn’t be worse than what I already had. To my surprise, they paid double from the beginning, the subjects were varied and information could be easily found. I wrote the articles in Word and only ocasionally in Notepad, and whenever I had trouble finding information or I had questions regarding the articles, someone was there to back me up.

I used to make mistakes, but they were carefully explained to me every time, so I managed to correct them and improve my English skills. After writing a little over 200 articles, they made me a copywriter and my earnings increased by 50%. If in the beginning I used to make a little over %100 a month (I was only writing part-time), in the following months I even exceeded $250.

My regular salary barely covered the loan rates and bills, but the money I made writing for freelancewriters.me helped me cover our weekend getaways, get a new laptop, an iPhone, presents for my family and friends over the holidays and a lot of other stuff I could not afford before.

I now manage my own team of writers, and I am very happy with my work and the money I make. I gave up my full-time job and I am now working from home, caring for my sick grandmother and my nephew at the same time.

As a family, we didn’t have the courage before, given the financial problems we used to face, but now we are expecting a baby. I know everything will turn out great. How could it not, when I can make as much money as I wish, I get full support whenever I need it, and no one cares what I wear or how I look like?

I can work on my laptop, staying in bed and wearing my pijamas (it’s the best choice during pregnancy), in the kitchen while cooking for my husband or from the hotel room whenever we go on vacations.

The payments are always on time, and every now and then I get access to a special project that helps me surprise my husband with a gift or buy something new for my unborn baby. I would never give up my job at freelancewriters.me (I hope they won’t give me up either), simply because it is everything I ever wanted.

Perhaps there are other companies who would pay a little more, but I don’t care. After changing so many jobs (from waitress and secretary to teacher, project assistant, health and safety inspector and HR manager), and working with so many people, I can recognize a good opportunity when I see it.

They trusted me, they helped me get over my mistakes and improve my writing style, they promoted me earlier than they were supposed to, and this job is the most rewarding and challenging I ever had. If it hadn’t been for them, my baby would still be on the waiting list, so they’re stuck with me for good.

Adrian V. in Iasi, Romania

I have found the company’s ad about a year ago on the internet and decided to apply for the copywriter job because I have always been attracted to writing in general.

I knew that the position might entail the work on projects that might seem somewhat demanding for me, but I was curious about what the job would require, and I wanted to improve my skills as a writer while also earning some extra money.

I have actually never found a company that recruited copywriters before, despite the fact that at the time I’d been trying to find work (unsuccessfully) for more than a year. Recently I had come across other ads, however, the pay was significantly lower, and I was more interested in staying at FreelanceWriters.me where there was the option of working on increasingly complex projects, as well as increasing my pay.

My experience with working here as a copywriter was quite positive. I enjoyed the support and the positive encouragements that I was given by Andreea. She was very helpful in providing me with all the necessary info about my work, pay and advancement options throughout the entire time I’ve been working here.

I consider the pay to be above average, especially when compared with most job opportunities available in Romania today, and when considering that I can work from home according to my own schedule. I am very satisfied in this regard, since my daily schedule is often chaotic, as unexpected tasks and difficulties seem to arise occasionally.

I use the money I earn as a copywriter mostly to cover bills and help my mother with her bank debt issues. Occasionally I buy things for myself, as well, but because of the poor financial situation we’ve had in these past few years, I am much more careful with my money than I used to be.

I continue to work for this company for the same reason why I started in the first place: to keep improving my skills as a writer, to advance to a higher level, learn to work on more advanced projects, and, of course, to earn more money.

If I were to describe the work experience I had with the company for this past year, I guess the most appropriate word would be: EXCELLENT!

Oana T. in Ploiesti, Romania

I have found the company while I was doing an online search for a part-time job, as I was having some financial issues that I could not cover with a day job only. I read the conditions and the requirements I must meet in order to apply for the position of content writer, and I thought it was worth a shot, so I contacted them. They were very prompt in answering, and I took that as a sign that they must be serious (I must mention that this was an important matter, as there are many scammers on the market, nowadays).

They asked me to put together two test articles, to see if I qualify for the job (after all, a sort of interview was mandatory), and as soon as I managed to complete them, I crossed my fingers and waited for their answer. And it came. I could finally relax, my articles passed the test. They explained me how I will have to work on the projects, and how will the pay be done. And so, I started.

Even though I did get to work on too many projects so far, I am very content with their promptness and with the fact that … well, they leave no questions unanswered.

On the financial side, it’s going slowly but surely. Even though it is not much, I do manage to cut some expenses (for example, this month I will pay half of the sum I usually had to pay for rent), and that is what a part-time job is meant to help one with.

I am getting more and more used to the deadlines and the manner in which the articles must be written, and we keep in touch constantly. This is not something I can find easily, and it is the main reason I continue the collaboration. If I were to describe my relationship with them in just one word, then that would be… PROFESSIONALISM.

Edith C. in Brasov, Romania

A friend of mine has told me about Freelancewriters.me. She had been collaborating with them for a while and was very satisfied with the overall results. So, I decided to contact them and ask if they would need a new freelance writer.

The reasons I did this were not only financial but also professional. I wanted to try my hand with projects that involved SEO skills and Freelancewriters.me gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. Another thing I found really convenient in my collaboration with Freelancewriters.me was the flexible working hours.

Unlike other companies from the same field, Freelancewriters.me allows you to decide the load of work you want to execute and their deadlines are very permissive. You will find plenty of time to write as many short articles as you want, depending on how much money you need and the schedule you have.

The payment for the articles written for Freelancewriters.me is satisfactory. The amount of money connected to each project will be delivered immediately. You can use the money to cover various expenses or purchase various items. Personally, I mostly use the money for book purchases.

If I were to characterize my partnership with Freelancewriters.me in a single word, that would be SIMPLICITY. Everything is very transparent and easy with them. You deliver, they pay!

Claudia D. in Alba Iulia, Romania

I found the company’s job announcement on a local newspaper’s website, and decide to apply for the position. Because it was a flexible, part-time, work-from-home job, I thought it was just right for me. I am a graduate student, and I cannot afford to miss classes because of a 9 to 5 job. From the first moment I contacted the company, I appreciated the rapidity with which my questions and e-mails received replies. Having a negative experience with other similar companies that forget to send a rejection e-mail, I was very happy that my e-mails were replied, and that my test articles were actually read, and with a great attention. My work was immediately paid, so I received instant feedback for the effort I had done.

Writing is not a job that will make you rich, and I was aware of that. I did not receive any promises that couldn’t be kept. This job was, for me, more than a way of supplementing my income. It was a way of practicing and improving my written English, and doing research on topics I knew little about. In this business, money is not a motivation, so people who are expecting to earn much are definitely not suited for this job. One of the things this job has taught me is valuing my effort, my work and the money I receive for it differently.

I continue to work with this company because I appreciate the way I am treated, the fact that I have the liberty of creating my personal work schedules depending on my available time. There is also a clear promotion plan for every writer, so I know that effort and quality are rewarded. If I were to describe my collaboration with this company in a single word, I would choose FLEXIBILITY.

Oana F. in Baia Mare, Romania

I came across the site freelancewriters.me in a local magazine, where an advertisement said this site was looking for people that can write articles in English. I was curious about this site, so I checked it out.

The site was quirky, saying it wouldn’t bother convincing you it’s not a hoax. I figured it might be a hoax, but that I had nothing to lose if I tried to send my CV anyway.

I decided to work with this company because it offers the opportunity for you to make your own schedule and decide the work amount you are willing to undertake.

So far, the work experience I’ve had with this company is excellent; there are always people available to answer any questions you might have, the articles you have to write range from reasonable to interesting.

The best aspect is that the money always comes on time, after every article you send. I personally haven’t heard of any other companies that pay after each article and with such promptitude. So far, the money per article isn’t incredible, but all in all, it evens out because you get to work at home and at your own pace. I use this money to cover some of my living expenses (mainly as pocket money, for groceries etc.).

I am very keen on continuing to work with this company because right now it suits my needs perfectly, allowing me to practice my English skills and also to have a flexible schedule, where I can combine work with my academic life and other activities. I would say that, in one word, my relationship with this company is EFFICIENT.

Luminita H. in Oradea, Romania

I have first started collaborating with this online company two years ago. I responded to an add I found online, and started writing some extremely easy product reviews. As I continued working, I realized that this is a very serious company, and that the more I work, the more money I make. I always got the payment promptly after my articles have been reviewed, and I also learned a lot of useful things pertaining to the online marketing world that I could use to advance in my career.

There has been a pause in our collaboration, but then I came back to work for this company mainly because I knew I was going to receive the money on time always and that I would never be tortured by tight deadlines. As I came back, I also obtained a raise mainly because the CEO knew that I am a trustworthy person, and that I always do my best to stick to the quality standards that are required.

I will surely keep on my collaboration with this company because I can work at my own pace, I never get tight deadlines and if I feel that if I cannot deliver quality articles for a certain topic, they will reassign the job to someone else. There are two words that can perfectly describe my experience with the company- TRUSTWORTHINESS & FLEXIBILITY. In an online world, which is filled with innumerous scams and scammers, I think that a reliable and constant stream of income is all you can wish for.

Maria C. in Sofia, Bulgaria

I came across this opportunity when I was looking online for a flexible job. I have had some previous experience with writing, although I think that this is not necessarily required, as they offer straightforward instructions, and they help you whenever you are in difficulty. I thought I should give it a chance, because it sounded credible and I could really use such an opportunity.

Although I had come across other similar offers, I liked this one best because they were extremely clear about what they offered and what my tasks were. I started working and I saw that they actually matched my expectations, and that there are plenty of satisfactions in this job. They pay you as you write the articles and if you write several articles per day you can gain enough to cover for you little pleasures, such as going out, getting a new haircut, buying tickets to a concert or whatever you like.

As you write more articles and the relationship develops, you can start gaining more. Also, you learn a lot and it is easier to accomplish the tasks. I like this continuity and I would say that the word to describe what this opportunity brings you is SATISFACTION.

Aleksandra S. in Krivodol, Bulgaria

I have been writing articles for different websites for a while now, but I was never very pleased about our collaboration, so I was always looking for something else.

While I was browsing the Internet, I saw an ad about a job as a freelancer, with a flexible schedule and immediate payment. I thought it was worth a shot so I send an e-mail to the contact person.

After the first few articles, when I noticed that the people I was now working with where very serious and reliable, I was very satisfied and I decided I wanted to continue working with them.

As a student, I need some money for books, studying materials, and for other small expenses. By writing these articles, I can be sure to cover my expenses. I always received the payment for the articles I have written, and all on time, so I can always rely on their seriousness when I am in need of money.

Though the payment for my work was quite higher at other companies, there were always delays in transferring the money, so I never could rely on the money I knew I had to receive, and there was actually a time when I did not receive the payment for a project.

I will continue to work with this company, as we have a PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP.

Krastyo M. in Tirnovo, Bulgaria

I found this opportunity through a friend, who came across it accidentally on an internet site while she was looking for a job.

I contacted the company because I love writing and I missed the time when I was doing it on a regular basis as a student. I did not look for another, similar company; I just chose to send my resume to the email address provided in the ad.

My experience as a junior copy writer is an absolute positive one: the projects are varied and interesting and the deadlines are generous. Whenever I contacted my editor with a problem or a question, she promptly provided help and useful information.

The payment is also very prompt, I send the articles and the next day the money is there in my account. I was positively surprised to see that even the test articles were paid.

I use the money I earn writing these articles to cover some of my utility bills and I hope in the future I will get the chance to work on more complex projects. I have no experience with other companies of this kind, but as I enjoy working with FreelanceWriters.me , I would like to continue working with the company.

If I had to describe my relationship with FreelanceWriters.me in one word, I would say it is EFFICIENT.

Ivan B. in Odessa, Ukraine

I applied for a job at freelancewriters.me based on an online advert. I had been looking for a job for months, so I was willing to try anything. The money seemed little at first, but after some research, I realized it is better than what other employers in the field are paying.

I can’t say I make a fortune a month, but it is enough to cover my expenses, and I don’t work that much either. I make my own schedule, I don’t have to worry about bosses, work clothes or transportation, and I don’t have to wait for payday either, because I get paid for every set of articles I send.

If I were to describe my work at freelancewriters.me in one word, it would certainly be „freedom”, an experience worth living!

Grigor P. in Voznesensk, Ukraine

I first started working with the FreelanceWriters.me team after my English teacher in high school told me about this opportunity and ensured that I will have a wonderful collaboration. She also sent me an e-mail with their contact data, so I sent my request right away.

I thought that it would be a great chance for me to develop skills in writing in English and, at the same time, to earn some money, so I did not want to leave this opportunity pass by me. Since writing has always been my passion, even if I am not working in this field, I decided to contact the FreelanceWriters.me team and see if I liked what they were doing.

I decided to choose FreelanceWriters. meinstead of other such companies because I already knew someone who had collaborated with them, so that was a strong guarantee that I was not going to have trouble with them. At the same time, the first few e-mails that I exchanged with the FreelanceWriters.me representative sounded like they were serious, committed people.

Working with the FreelanceWriters.me team has turned out to be fun and, at the same time, a chance to get more used to responsibilities. Since I am a student, working in this field has helped me get used to deadlines and getting projects done in the right way. At the same time, I have done a lot of research in many fields in order to get my work done and this has made me more aware of certain aspects of science, culture or economy today.

The money that I have earned from working with the FreelanceWriters.me team was usually destined to my personal needs, going out with friends or buying books and music. I like the fact that you can earn as much as you work, so there is virtually no limit as far as the amount of work is concerned. I used to write as often as I could, without leaving my studies behind.

I keep working with the FreelanceWriters.me team because they are committed, prompt and they offer a creative way to earn some money in your spare time, as little as it may be, so I do not feel the need to direct my interests towards another company. If I were to pick a word to define my collaboration with this company, it would probably be RESPONSIBILITY, since I have always felt that they are careful and prompt as far as their obligations are concerned, and so have I learnt to be.

Daryna B. in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

I started to write articles recently. At first, it was just an attempt to prove to myself that I still remember what I learnt in high school. Then, I grew to like it. I haven’t left the house much throughout the last six months, first because of my pregnancy, then because my baby was too small and I had no one to look after him.

The articles gave me a chance to do something different, to discover new things, to feel like I am more than a housewife looking after her only child.

The money seemed very little at first, as after working in Italy, it felt like I could never earn as much. However, it kept gathering in my PayPal account, and before I knew it, my baby had a new stroller.

It may not seem like much to some, but I barely write 1-2 articles a day, so it’s more than I expected. I don’t know if I’ll be able to write more anytime soon, but, luckily for me, no one is pressuring me. I write as much as I can and I get paid accordingly.

No one bosses me around, no one insults me, and I don’t have to serve tables or work 12 hours a day to pay some bills or put some food on the table.

I wish I had found out about freelancewriters.me in my last year of high school! I would have certainly went to college and built a better career, but that’s life, and it’s better late than never!

Natalia H. in Chisinau, Moldova

How I found FreelanceWriters.me? FreelanceWriters.me found me on a site specialized in intermediating tutoring and translations where I had posted an offer. I was contacted per e-mail by a Senior Copywriter from FreelanceWriters.me for a content writing and article writing collaboration.

I was very excited about this offer because I was given the opportunity to make some extra cash doing something I like, when I want it and in the comfort of my own house. My first impression, which turned out to be correct, was that of a serious company, that has for advantages transparency and professionalism and offers you the chance to advance in time to bigger earnings. After more than 150 articles written for FreelanceWriters.me I can honestly say that they have never been late with the payment and there have not been misunderstandings.

The money is not that much, but this is a good and flexible method of earning some income without effort. The payment depends on the time invested in writing. I do this activity in my spare time, but someone who has more time can, of course, earn much more. So far, I have spent this money on donations or buying things online. I am still working with FreelanceWriters.me and have not even thought of working with another company because they proved to be correct and prompt about the payments and because they offer flexibility and the chance of earning as much as writing. If I could describe the relationship I have with FreelanceWriters.me in one word, it would be PROFESSIONALISM.

Ogan N. in Soroca, Moldova

A friend told me about an ad that she saw and wrote the website on a piece of paper: Freelancewriters.me. Being a student, I thought it would be a good way of making some money. It would not ask too much from me and I would have a flexible program. I was not afraid of a scam, because I have heard about this kind of jobs from others and it seemed logical. I sent my resume and letter of intent and, after a little while, I got the job offer.

Nobody is going to get rich from this kind of work, but some good bucks do come. It also depends on the country you live in. I did some quick math. Two hours a day, twenty days a month, would pay for my chain smoking habit. Five or six hours would pay the rent and basic bills; eight hours would make a decent minimal living (in Moldova). Some people in my country work ten hours a day in a supermarket and, after paying taxes, they have less money than I would by working eight.

The people at freelancewriters.me are receptive and seem to keep all promises. I have only worked for about two weeks but, at least at the moment, I have no reason to complain. At first, I did not believe that I would get the money the next day for everything I did. No employer is that flexible. I was wrong. After finishing and handing out a project (or parts of a project), the money were in my Paypal account in less than 24 hours (most of the times a lot sooner).

All seems fair and works great. If another company would promise me double the money for the same work, I am not sure I would take it, as I have been treated in a flawless manner, and this is something very rare. In a nutshell, to put things in just one word, I think it would be MUTUAL. Yep, mutual.

Abutin S. in Batangas, Philippines

I first found out about FreelanceWriters.me.com from our local, online job ads.

I was looking for a job that could help me increase my income, and this one seemed perfect for me. I was going to work part time from home, involve as much as I wanted to, be creative and get some money out of it. So I did not hesitate and contacted the Human Resources Department. The answer I got was quick and with clear details about what I was supposed to do. This is what I liked best in the first place: nothing to hide, clear instructions and fair business proposals. It was the first time for me to encounter such transparency, so I thought this was the company I would like to work with.

For the past nine months, I had an excellent working experience with FreelanceWriters.me.com. They have always respected me as their collaborator and never had any problems of any kind while working with them. It is all as stipulated at the beginning of our business relationship. Anytime I needed more information, I only needed to ask. They have always been serious and fair. When projects needed improvements, this was brought to my attention in a proper manner, so that I never felt offended or mistreated. Sometimes, projects seemed a little bit more difficult than I expected, so they needed more time to be finished and, of course, more energy. There were little occasions when I felt the payment could have been better, especially since there are some fees with PayPal and money withdrawal, but I honestly could not complaint about it. There were enough projects in order to get me some extra money, so I got what I wanted. The money I get helps me cover some expenses and make me feel a little bit more comfortable concerning the financial status. When I need more, I work more. It has proven to be a valuable, complementary income for me and my family.

I am extremely satisfied with FreelanceWriters.me.com. They never disappointed me and always kept promises. I have also learned a lot during this time we have been working together, so I hope they will find more and more projects for me in the future.

It would be really hard to find only one word to describe my business relationship with FreelanceWriters.me.com, but I would say that it is all about MUTUAL RESPECT, RELIABILITY AND TRUST.

Sumabat A. in Manila, Philippines

I stumbled onto FreelanceWriters.me while reading a newspaper article on jobs. That article took me to a website; the website took me to a link; the link took me to FreelanceWriters.me. The funny thing was that the site was asking me to take a “leap of faith”, so, in the same fashion I first drank absinthe, jumped off a tall bridge and wrestled an ox, I contacted them about collaborating.

Their first email was an explanation of how their working pattern… well, works and a test to see whether my godly writing skills stood up to scrutiny. Needless to say, I accepted to work with them on the grounds of them being very forthcoming about their requirements in article writing. I have been approached before by various groups that deal in similar domains, yet none of them ever mentioned any possibility of getting above my pay-grade.

Working with FreelanceWriters.me proved to be an easy, comfortable task, well suited for a part-time job. I’ve been doing articles for them for the past 4 months and things seem to be going steady. The pay is fair, fair enough for a part time job that doesn’t have you running across town and making 100 phone calls per day. It is enough to pay for some small commodities, bills and the sort, but I’m not likely to quit my day job.

I continued to work with them because it’s just too easy to read an email sent by them and reply: “Ok, I’ll do that!”. That’s in fact is a thing I search in any part time activity: simplicity, and SIMPLE is the best word to describe my working relationship with FreelanceWriters.me.

Daaruk F. in Nagpur, India

Hey guys. I’d like to thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to earn a few easy bucks over the Internet. For those of you interested in how I got here: I was checking an ad that said a copywriter was needed. It seemed something legit, so I send a message saying I’m interested. After a test, I was game-ready. And I have to say that so far I am very pleased with my work with them. The pay is decent, made after every article is checked, and prompt too (the same day you sent the articles or the next day). The money made this way can reach nice amounts if you are hard working. I use my earnings for a wide spectrum of activities, from buying unessential stuff, to covering part of the bills.

I plan on continuing my relationship with them for a long time, as they have proven to be serious and reliable. If I had to sum up everything, it would be something like this: the definition of a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP.

Ojayit M. in Pathri, India

I’ve found FreelanceWriters.me on a “Looking for a job” website and in short time, after getting in touch with the team leader I decided to give this team a try.

The team leader was very helpful and polite, the instructions were clear and the communication was perfect.

I never had payment problems with FreelanceWriters.me and every payment was sent right on time. The only problem was that the rates were not high enough to cover all my expenses as a full-time writer, so I had to find additional work and continue my collaboration with FreelanceWriters.me on the side, but for someone who has the necessary skills and would like to start working in this field, FreelanceWriters.me is a great starting point as they are patient, helpful, polite and trustworthy.

I kept working for FreelanceWriters.me because they possess these traits, and if I would have to describe my experience with FreelanceWriters.me in one word it would definitely be RELIABLE.

Samreen G. in Khulna, Bangladesh

I heard about FreelanceWriters.me from my cousin, who was already working for them. At first, I was afraid my English wouldn’t be good enough, but then I realized the only way to make sure was trying.

Although I am 35, this is my first real job. Due to some major health issues, getting a job after graduating from the university was impossible. Now I live in a small village with limited travel facilities and no jobs available.

Until now, I used to feel guilty that my mother was the only one making money, but now I can do it too. It is my third month working as a writer and my income has improved significantly. I am learning new things every day, and I know for sure that in three months from now the latest I will be promoted and earn with 50 % more money.

I am saving to buy a new computer, to change my wardrobe for the spring and to give my mother a nice present.

Every day, I get to write about new subjects, I have new conversation topics with my friends, and, what is more important, I am finally financially independent.

It may seem little money in the beginning, it may seem tiring and difficult because when you work from home, you have the tendency to postpone everything and you feel tired more easily.

However, at least from my point of view, this is the perfect job. You can’t get bored, you don’t have to worry about payment delays, you can take care of the garden, cook, clean and anything else you want to do. In one word, my relationship with FreelanceWriters.me is HAPPY!

Rifat M. in Chowmohani, Bangladesh

Actually I didn’t find you, as much as you found me, through my work email address. I decided to respond to your query and ask for more details. I was quite curious about your offer, as I hadn’t written articles for anyone else before. I wasn’t even sure I could actually do it. We started off with a few trial articles, and the rest is history.

I genuinely like working with you, for several reasons: you set clear deadlines, which I can measure up to, the expectations are also extremely forthright, and the payments are prompt. In the rare case that I needed an extension, you were quite agreeable at giving it to me. You’ve also been extremely understanding with cases when I couldn’t take on any projects for a few days, or even weeks. I love this flexibility! Furthermore, I love that you always ask me if I want to take on a project, rather than simply assigning it to me.

This coming month will be my one year anniversary with you, and I’m extremely pleased by our affiliation. I got to read a lot of fascinating things, and did a lot of research for the articles I wrote. I can honestly say that it’s been fun.

The money is plentiful, and I usually buy books, since everyone in our family, including our young sons, are avid readers. This past year I have been writing on a less than part time schedule, since my youngest recently turned 1 and I didn’t have a lot of time for writing. Nonetheless, I plan to take on more projects with time.

If I had only one word to describe our relationship, that’s exactly what I would call it, FUN. This essentially says it all. It explains why I wouldn’t find someone else to work with.